More than 90% of drugs fail during development, and this is the most significant reason for the high costs of pharmaceutical R&D. A significant advantage of drug repositioning over traditional drug development is that since the repositioned drug has already passed a significant number of toxicity and other tests, its safety is known and the risk of failure for reasons of adverse toxicology are reduced. Drug repurposing is performed either by using an experimental approach, called 'activity-based drug repositioning', or by making use of a specific computational method. Compared with activity-based repositioning techniques, in silico methods allow a faster repurposing process at a reduced cost.
Our approach for in silico small molecule and peptide profiling, SAFAN-ISP, is reliable as an experiment but has in-silico times and costs!!!

What is profiling?

  • We are expert in bioinformatic tool for small molecules & peptides.
  • If you provide us the structure of your compound, as a smile string, we provide you specific interactions with more than 4500 targets from 15 different classes.
  • We can link the infomation concerning the specific interaction with:
    • Disease database for repositioning opportunities
    • Side Effect database for toxicology predictions
  • Our predictions allow you to patent new compounds.
  • You will get information comparable to the experiments at lower cost.
  • We collaborate with Humana Biosciences for experiments next to our predictions.

If you are looking for drug repositioning opportunities, planning to in-license or out-licence small molecules SAFAN-ISP will help you in evaluating more carefully your investments.


Last update: 9/7/2018